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Are you looking for the best phone number finder tools to grow your mobile number list FAST?
Growing your phone number list is never easy before Phone Number Scraper tools. You can save yourself hours of time, energy, and headaches if you’re using the right Mobile Number Extractor tool.
That’s why, in this post, we’re going to share 3 of the best Mobile Number Hunter tools that you can use to build cell phone lists of customers for any industry and country without any coding and getting blocked.
Let’s turn our attention to 3 of these phone number finder tools.

What Is A Phone Number Finder Software?

A Phone Number Extractor is a software tool, commonly available as a Chrome extension or desktop app, that helps you find and extract mobile numbers, WhatsApp numbers, telephone numbers, and fax numbers from search engines, websites, Excel, CSV, and Text files.
By choosing the suitable Cell Phone Number Extractor software, you can find prospects, qualify them, and build a quality mobile number list for your sales and email marketing campaign. We’ve collected a list of the world’s best mobile number finders with their key features.
The Phone Number Finder Tools To Grow Your Phone Number List

1. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Cute Web WhatsApp Contact Extractor is one of the best tools to find and extract mobile numbers from multiple websites, search engines, and local files simultaneously. You will get a valid and real customer phone number list with the help of this Phone Number Crawler.

Key features:

  • Phone number verification upon finding
  • Bulk phone number search
  • Website URL search that helps you find phone numbers from websites
  • Keyword-based search that helps you find a phone numbers by names, zip codes, and addresses
  • Integration with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and 66 more search engines for phone number data collection
  • Export mobile numbers to CSV, Excel, and Text files
  • Point and click interface – No coding is required to use this Phone Number Grabber

Available as:

Desktop Application

Useful for:

It is useful for everyone who wants to find and collect mobile numbers for mobile marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing, and lead generation purposes. Freelancers, email marketers, business owners, real estate agents, and even individuals can use it to find someone’s mobile number from the targeted website.


Marketers and freelancers use this Bulk phone number extractor due to its prices and accuracy. Because its price for one year is just $60. It is an affordable Web Phone Number Extractor and provides 100% unique and real mobile number list marketing.

2. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

Being an email and phone number finder tool, LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor can indeed be your reliable partner to run successful marketing campaigns. It can do an excellent job of finding, extracting, and exporting emails, phone numbers, and social media links from LinkedIn profiles and search results. It promises to provide you with 95%% valid emails and phone numbers for marketing from LinkedIn.

Key features:

  • 3. Email and phone number verification upon finding from LinkedIn
  • 4. Finding not only emails but also phone numbers, job titles, skills, and social media links from LinkedIn profiles.
  • 5. 24/7 customer support is available
  • 6. Find emails and phone numbers by name, zip code, mobile company code, and LinkedIn profile URL.
  • 7. User-Friendly and coding-free LinkedIn scraping tool.
  • Available as:

    Desktop application

    Useful for:

    It is useful for those who bulk emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn for email marketing and mobile marketing campaigns. Freelancers can also use it to complete their LinkedIn lead generation projects.


    There is a 3-day free trial to check its performance. Marketers and freelancers love to use this LinkedIn contact extractor due to its awesome results and affordable prices. The LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper price for 3 months is just $99.99.

Wrap Up

Finding and building a phone number list of customers is not an easy task from search engines and social media platforms.
You can build a customer email and phone number list fast and make it less challenging with the help of the 2 contact finder tools explained above. Whichever phone number finder tool you use, ensure that the mobile numbers you find are real and valid.

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