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Facebook was the first social network to surpass the one billion user mark and currently has over 2.9 b0illion monthly active users. Because of this, businesses, social scientists, and researchers have found Facebook to be an excellent resource for learning about social behaviors and the impact of social networking platforms on society.
A Facebook scraper is a tool designed to mine data from public Facebook pages. The extracted data can include posts, comments, reviews, and the number of likes and shares for a post.

Facebook can help build your online brand.

Your online presence is more important than ever as consumer interest in shopping via mobile and social media continues to grow, and Facebook may be the best opportunity to reach customers near and far.
With over 2.9 billion monthly Facebook users, according to Statista, no other social network can offer your business a comparable level of potential exposure. As the largest and first successful social media network, Facebook offers the most integration tools of any platform, including "Follow" buttons, account linking, and photo sharing. These tools can direct customers back to your business website and other online content that you want to highlight.
What are Facebook scraper tools and why are they used?

What is Social media data mining?

So why do people mine social media? Because it helps business owners dig deeper into market demographics. For example, data mining of Facebook groups and profiles allows companies to offer products or services based on people's personal choices, life events, and primary goals.
They can identify preferred products, spending patterns, and consumer behavior, helping to better understand the consumer and create personalized engagement.
Facebook or Instagram data mining can help shape your ideal consumer persona, predict new market trends, and gain a competitive advantage over similar companies.

Is social media data mining legal?

Scraping and mining social media data is legal, but that doesn't mean you can collect personal data without a legal basis to do so. Keep web scraping and data mining legal and ethical by crawling and extracting only publicly available information.

Facebook makes it easy to generate leads

Facebook applies lead generation templates directly to the ad manager, portal, and hub for Facebook ad generation. These ads can send automated messages to customers via Facebook Messenger and then analyze the response, allowing you to understand what the customer wants in a relatively simple process.
For small businesses, this tool is useful for generating leads without constantly monitoring Messenger or Facebook on desktop computers and responding to spam accounts or reasonable leads.

What data can I extract from Facebook?

With a Facebook scraper, you can crawl, extract, and mine all publicly available data from Facebook pages, including:
Contact information

Facebook Leads Scraper Software Features and Benefits

Facebook Marketing Tools provides all the features you need to extract data from Facebook business pages. Our Facebook scraper is the software of choice!
  • Extract relevant data from the Facebook website.
  • Extract data from the website with just one click.
  • Email export
  • One screen to get all information in a single view.
  • Avoid IP blocks / Support multiple proxies. (Very important to hide your IP address).
  • A set of records you can export (unlimited).
  • Search/extract by keyword and location (One or more keywords and locations).
  • Save search results (CSV, Excel,).
  • It extracts vital data from the Facebook website: company name, official and unofficial page, websites, URL, phones, number of likes, number of fans, card link, email addresses if any, and source link.
  • Save the data locally to create your own archive for future analysis.

How does our Facebook Extractor work?

We intentionally developed a user-friendly Facebook data extractor. Ready-to-use Facebook data scraper to get started right away. Our software uses your Facebook page to create a list of sales contacts in seconds. Enter a keyword and a location and then click on the Start button.
You can use keywords like restaurants, roofers, coffee shop, accounting and finance, hotels, etc. in any locality, city, county, state, province, or country. Is not it beautiful? All results are extracted and formatted into a list that you can review before saving to a CSV or Excel file that can be imported into your CRM software.

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