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This article explains how to extract emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn users and company profiles by using LinkedIn Email Extracto software without any coding skills. Here I have listed the two best LinkedIn data extractor tools that you can use to extract data from LinkedIn to Excel files.

What Is A LinkedIn Scraper Tool?

A LinkedIn Data Scraper is a desktop Windows application designed to scan and extract emails, phone numbers, and other contact details from almost all categories and industries from LinkedIn.

How Do They Work?

Obviously, the first step is to actually download & install the LinkedIn Scraping tool on your Laptop/PC. These LinkedIn Email finder tools take keywords from you, extract all the contact details from LinkedIn for your given keywords and provide data in an Excel or Text file on your computer. If you want to scrape data from LinkedIn in bulk, then you can use the LinkedIn Lead Generation tools that I have mentioned below.
If you want to scrape data from LinkedIn then you have to search for the data on LinkedIn by your keywords, zip codes, mobile company codes, and LinkedIn profile URLs. After that, you have to select search results and click on the Extract and Export button to scrape and download data from LinkedIn.

What Are The Tools To Extract Emails And Phone Numbers From LinkedIn Profiles?

In the following post, I will talk about the 2 best LinkedIn automation tools that help to extract unlimited emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn for your favourite locations and industries. One of the following LinkedIn scraper software scrapes data from LinkedIn users' profiles only. While the other software can scrape emails, phone numbers, and social media links from LinkedIn Company’s profiles.
The Best Tools To Extract LinkedIn Users And Company Profiles Using the following LinkedIn Scrapers, you can easily extract all data from LinkedIn and can use it for your marketing campaigns . These are useful LinkedIn Scraping tools, especially for LinkedIn lead generation. You just need a keyword and location, and then you can hand over that to these tools.

1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

  • LinkedIn URL Scraper is the simplest and one of the best software to extract data from LinkedIn users' profiles without any coding.
  • You can upload a list of profile URLs in the search bar of the LinkedIn extractor software to extract data from it. After uploading the list, you can extract data by clicking on the “Extract” button. And after extracting data from your given list of URLs, you can export them to an Excel, CSV, or Text file.
  • However, this LinkedIn Contact Extractor can extract data from LinkedIn for more than 200 countries. You can find data from LinkedIn by zip code, address, person name, and address. LinkedIn Crawler is a desktop application that supports all versions of windows that you can start using right now after downloading from the website(
  • That is how this LinkedIn contact number extractor software works to extract data from LinkedIn profiles.

2. LinkedIn Company Extractor

  • LinkedIn Company Scraper is another software that scrapes business data from LinkedIn business profiles.
  • First, after installing, you have to search for a business by business name, zip code, or LinkedIn business profile URL. After searching, you can select search results for data scraping. After extracting the data from the selected search results, you can export data in CSV, Excel, and Text files for use.
  • You can extract business emails and phone numbers from more than 200 countries and for every category by using this LinkedIn Email Extractor software. You don’t need to learn any programming skills or need to hire a programmer or a freelancer to scrape data from LinkedIn.

Why Use These LinkedIn Scraping Tools?

Most LinkedIn data scraping tools only find or extract data but these tools can find, extract, export, and organize data from LinkedIn for your specific keywords and locations. Furthermore, these LinkedIn email scraping tools require coding to use them. Everyone, who doesn’t know what LinkedIn Scraping is, can use it easily to scrape data from LinkedIn. Moreover, these LinkedIn tools support various formats to download data such as Excel, Text, CSV, etc.

Final words

These are the best LinkedIn Phone Number FinderCute Web Phone number extractor tools to extract data from both users and business profiles that you can use for your business growth to save hundreds of hours for many other tasks. These LinkedIn extractor tools have a free trial before purchasing them to show their performance.

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