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Yelp is one of the largest business directory sites on the Internet. With more than 90 million monthly visitors to its website and mobile application, users and companies themselves add valuable information to the platform every day.
But how do you collect this information quickly and accurately in a useful format? After all, Yelp lacks a simple "export" tool to gather all the business data you would require.
The answer is Ahmad Software Technologies

Web Scraping and Ahmad Software Technologies

Web scraping allows you to easily select any content from a web page and extract it into a spreadsheet. In this way, you can generate massive, high-quality prospect lists in minutes.
For more information on web scraping, read our guide on what web scraping is and what it is commonly used for.
To quickly extract data from Yelp, we'll be using United Lead Scraper, a powerful web scraper with an incredibly useful set of features. Make sure to download it before starting your web scraping project.

Yelp data extraction

All right, let's start scraping. For this example, let's say we are a disposable coffee cup distributor in Toronto. Accordingly, we are interested in creating a list of coffee shops in Toronto with their phone number, address and other details.
How to extract data from Yelp: business information, ratings, reviews and more

Let’s Start

  • First, Purchase the United Lead scraper project that’s called Yelp Leads Extractor and the software cost is 25 $ per month.
  • Then we find the URL of the Yelp results page for the keyword "coffee shop."
  • Next, be sure to download, install, and open United Lead Scraper to set up our scrape project.
  • On United Lead Scraper, enter the URL we selected. The web page will now be rendered in the application.
  • Scrape Company Data

  • Once the page is rendered, you can make your first selection. Click on the company name to select. It will then turn green to indicate that it has been selected.
  • The rest of the trade names. Click on the following business name to select them all.
  • Now, rename your selection to Company.
    Retrieve the company and district address

    Scraping Score and Tips

    Scraping Yelp Data and test numbers will require advanced knowledge of United Lead Scraper. The Yelp site is hard-coded in a way that could prevent a simpler web scraper from working.
    Fortunately, United Lead Scraper can easily fix this issue and we'll get it done in a heartbeat as we guide you through the process.
    Firstly, we will use relative selection again.
    Secondly, we click
    on the company name and then on the star rating. (You may notice that the notes won't be highlighted when you hover over them, that's fine. You can still click on that item and extract data.)

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