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Are you looking for software that can scrape data from social media sites and business directories and provide you data in a usable format? In this article, I will let you know about the best web scraping software that can scrape data from almost all business directories. Ecommerce sites, and social media sites without any coding knowledge and getting blocked.

Why A Web Scraper Must Have To Collect Data From Websites & Business Directories?

Public websites like Yellow Pages, Whites Pages, Yelp, Yell, Canada411, BBB, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon , and many more have a large number of databases because almost every business is listed on these websites with complete business information to promote themselves. Just imagine how much sales and business you can grow if you build a business database and customer database of targeted people and companies from these sites? The answer is as great as it sounds.
Even though these public sites have a large amount of data to scrape for but they don’t allow their users to scrape this data in a readable format and you don’t have any option to download this data, the only way is to copy and paste this business data manually into excel sheets, do you really want to spend months to copy and paste this data? Even if you spent a lot of time and money on it you aren’t sure that you can collect 100% the right data.
Find, Extract, and Export Data From Websites And Business Directories What you need is an online web scraper that can scrape data for your desired business and customer from your targeted website automatically with a click of a button. And I have the best solution, United Lead Extractor can find, extract and export data from almost all business directories and social media into Excel/CSV files without writing a single line of code.
Data Scraping Tool makes it easy to scrape business contact details from websites and directories like Names, Phone Numbers, Emails, Addresses, Website Links, etc.

Find, Extract, and Export Data From Websites And Business Directories

United Lead Scraper is a tool that can scrape data from all kinds of websites like social media, public directories, and e-commerce websites and provide you data in easy-to-use formats like CSV, Excel, or Text files. United Leads Grabber has different ready-to-use web scrapers for social media sites, ecommerce sites, and business directories.
Buying data from data providers can cost you thousands of dollars but yet there is no guarantee that buying data is relevant or updated. Even if you hire a programmer to build a simple web scraper for a specific website it may cost you a lot but still you will be able to fetch data from a single website , what do you do if you decided to scrape data from another website later on, will you hire the programmer again?
Website Extractor is the best solution for all these problems because using this easy web scraper you can scrape data from all websites , unlike other software’s you don’t have to learn any technical skills to use it. If you are thinking it may be costly software then the answer is no, it is very cost-effective and gives you a huge benefit for your business.
Each script in the United Lead Scraper has a price of 25$. You can scrape fresh and relevant business data from directories as well as social media and ecommerce sites by using this Web Data Extractor that can be helpful for your business growth and marketing campaigns.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Using United Scraper:

  • You can collect data from different marketing campaigns like email marketing, telemarketing, mobile marketing, etc.
  • You can scrape data from social media sites, business directories, and ecommerce sites.
  • Everyone can use it due to its point-and-click interface.
  • You will get data in CSV and Excel format for use.
  • Very low price, just 25$ for a single script.
  • What You Can Scrape With United Business Scraper Tool?

    · Profile/Company Name
    · Category
    · Profile URL
    · Full Address
    · Phone Number
    · Email Address
    · Website
    · Rating
    · No. of Reviews
    · Years in Business
    · Extract Email from Website
    · Extract Phone Number from Website
    · Social Media Links from Websites and much more

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