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Despite the rise of social media, email remains the most effective marketing strategy to convert prospects into leads and turn them into customers.

Effective email marketing can:
  • 1. help create lasting relationships with your audience through updates and time to time offers.
  • 2. Convert prospects into customers through hyper-personalized and targeted emails.
  • 3. keeps your brand top of mind.
  • 4. save your resources and valuable time.
  • 5. Action-oriented through replying, forwarding, clicking.
  • 6. measurable and testable.
  • 7. Perfect for small businesses.
  • Email Marketing can be effective only if you have targeted emails list of verified email addresses. You need to research and create a strong campaign where the user reading your email. Email marketing is also a very fast way of reaching your target customers and you can collect new leads.

    Sending emails to bogus, expired domains or repeated emails will make your whole email campaign a futile exercise because the recipients are not mainly related to or interested in your services or products. Each business is different and needs to be advertised differently.

    Cute Web Email Address Extractor is the best tool to find verified and active email addresses based on the keywords. E.g. if you are a big raw fruit provider your target market will be Fruit supplier or processing industry. You can delimit your search within a city or a country according to your need. Do not annoy people at an Educational institution or a software house by sending your emails. Build your own email list according to your requirement. Used primarily by marketing consultants for businesses to collect targeted leads.

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