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It becomes a history when recruiters and companies hire talent by publishing ads on news classified. Now they use LinkedIn for recruiting. No investment is required and becomes easier too. There are numerous reasons why we use LinkedIn. One of them is LinkedIn is a social media networking site with millions of active leads including students, employees, and professionals. They connect each other for finding a suitable job and for hiring purposes. Recruiters look into professional’s profiles in initial searching of identification of a candidate’s skills and end up finding one they want for the job roles.

It is a very important question to ask How to recruit using LinkedIn Recruiter? It depends on the type of business products and services you provide.

How to Automate your Candidates Detail Extracting Process?

I am a recruiting manager in an IT COMPANY and we recruit candidates related to the IT department using LinkedIn. My team mostly search technical candidates with the best IT skills shown on the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. As we always needed to search a lot of profiles to choose from. We extract candidates details from LinkedIn for his/her earlier employment experience, technical skills, names, contact numbers, other social ids, some of his project details and skills which mentioned his LinkedIn Profiles. We use search based criteria on LinkedIn with the keywords to fill our job requirements.

Extracting Candidates’ details from LinkedIn manually or one by one from thousands of profile is very difficult and wasting of time. We were searching best LinkedIn Candidates Detail Extractor Software so that we can save our precious time. Then one of my friends recommends LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Tool to extract candidate’s information from LinkedIn automatically because his company was already using this tool.

After using the LinkedIn Recruiting Extractor Tool I can extract candidate’s details in minutes with my specific keyword. This tool is very helpful for me and it lets me automate my leads generating process. Now I am able to save my time. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool help to extract Candidates’ info such as names, emails, phone numbers, other social ids, previous job titles, previous company name, technical skills, industry preference and LinkedIn profile links from LinkedIn.

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