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If you have a small business and want to make your business successful with the latest business leads then you are at right place. Many business owners are constantly looking to increase the number of customers and want to develop businesses leads. Business development with quality leads can be a tricky and long-term process. But the growing business with quality leads can be initial fundamentals of growing a business. Lead is basically a person or another company who sells products and services to other company (B2B), has a concern in your company’s products and services. You need to identify and search for your business target audience for generating Quality B2B Leads.

Where can we find Quality Leads?

Social media offers you the prospects for business owners to make a chat with potential Customers/Clients and can produce new Quality leads. You can make a Business Facebook page; Twitter profiles, LinkedIn company pages to engage your target audience and then make these leads into your potential customers. Among these Social sites, LinkedIn is the best social platform where you can find a serious and professional audience. More than 200 million companies, employees and companies using this site to make quality leads who are most active. As a lead generator, you can extract quality leads from LinkedIn but you cannot do it manually. For this, you need LinkedIn lead generation tools to extract data from LinkedIn.

Following are the tools for extracting the data from different sites of LinkedIn.

1) LinkedIn Lead Extractor

2) LinkedIn Company Extractor

3) LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

4) LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

5) LinkedIn Missing Data Extractor

By using the above LinkedIn Scraping Tools you can extract contact information from LinkedIn according to your targets and business needs. These LinkedIn Tools are very helpful for recruiting experts and B2B leads experts. Because they can extract contact information such as name, company names, email IDs, phone number, twitter id, messenger IDs, past job title with experience, company details, website, skills, industry, and profile links.

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