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In the business world a recruiter is a person who posts jobs, search new talent and hire new employees for new business responsibilities. As a recruiter, you obviously look for a highly talented person who has the wonderful experience of required expertise and capabilities. For this, you need a specific platform to choose from for recruiting new candidates. social media proves to be a useful resource because most of the students, employees, and professionals use social media for job search.

Among these social sites, LinkedIn is the best social network site for recruiters who want to recruit new candidates. LinkedIn has changed the whole process of recruiting, and it is just beginning. LinkedIn has millions of professionals, students, employees and companies profiles. And almost 50.5% of percentages of LinkedIn users have complete profiles. They spend their time on LinkedIn in a week is about 0-2 hours. In the worldwide 48%, percent of recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn and almost 73% of recruiters recruit new candidates through LinkedIn.

With these facts, LinkedIn is the most authentic platform for recruiting new candidates. You can extract candidate’s information from LinkedIn but if you need a lot of profiles data then you can’t do it one by one. You need LinkedIn lead extractor tools to extract candidate’s information automatically from LinkedIn. I recommend you the LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Tool to extract candidate’s information from LinkedIn.

By using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool you can get the best contact information from LinkedIn and Recruiter according to your business needs. By using this tool company and recruiting experts can extract candidates’ contact information such as name, email address, contact phone number, twitter id, messenger ids, past job title with experience, company details, website, skills, industry, country, profile link.

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