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B2B leads are very important for business development and for making high business revenue. There are many B2B tools and services present online for generating b2b leads and you only need to implement them with different marketing tactics. Email marketing and Telemarketing tactics are extremely significant for your generating B2B leads. By implementing these marketing tactics with different lead generation tools you can build relations and boost sales leads. You can directly consult with your Target Companies or prospects by using Email marketing and Telemarketing techniques.

There are many tools for Email marketing and Telemarketing, but the most recommended tools are following.

1) Cute Web Email Extractor Tool
2) WebPhone Number Extractor Tools
3) Bulk SMS sender software
4) Top Lead Extractor Software

Cute Web Email Extractor Software

This email extractor software used worldwide and according to the reviews of customers it is the fastest and trusted email address extractor software for extracting emails for email marketing and product promotion. It extracts email addresses from popular search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Mail RU, Rambler, etc. It also extracts emails from any online website and local files. So by using this tool, you can make your email marketing efficient for generating b2b leads for business.

WebPhone Number Extractor Tools

For telemarketing, you need bulk phone numbers of your targeted prospects and companies. Web phone number extractor tool can help you in extracting phone numbers. It can extract valid phone numbers; companies, fax numbers, and mobile numbers from search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, websites and local files. According to customers reviews, this tool is very helpful for online b2b marketers and b2b lead generation companies.

Top Lead Extractor Software

If you want to generate leads through email marketing and Telemarketing then I recommend you to buy Top Lead Extractor tool. Because it is a 3 in one tool for extracting emails, Phone Number, and social media IDs. This tool is very helpful for your business because you can save your money and time by generating emails and phone numbers with one tool. Top Lead Extractor tool helps you to make your own authentic b2b leads database for email marketing, SMS marketing or cold calling.

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