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Importance of LinkedIn for recruiting new candidates….

LinkedIn has a recruiting platform for recruiting new candidates for the required job. LinkedIn has 50 millions of profiles including professionals, employees, and students on the world’s largest professional network. If you are in anxious about your business growth and worried about generating quality Leads then you are at right place. You can search for expert candidates on LinkedIn with the best skills and knowledge you want in your employees. But, finding candidates manually is time taking and complicated method. If you want to grow your business with hiring quality candidates and best quality b2b lead then you need to know about the best B2B tactics for lead generation.

Trends in searching for candidates from social media….

Many business recruiters come across social sites like LinkedIn Recruiter for potential candidates and review their skills, abilities and previous experience. After the full profile observation, their Hr department authorities contact applicants whose profile is up to their job requirement. However, reviewing a lot of profiles one by one is a hard task. For this, you need a software that can automatically extract candidates information from LinkedIn.

My company’s HR department using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor to extract skilled candidates information from LinkedIn for different job responsibilities. We need all the information about candidates from A to z for our hiring purpose. By using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Tool you can find and extract candidate’s information with the help of keywords according to your requirements. After finding candidate's information you can store this info in spreadsheets like CSV, Excel. Now you have your own database of candidates’ contact information and you need to shortlist the candidates and send them an interview call.

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