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If you want to grow your leads then Social Media Marketing has become more popular recently. Social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are being used as a broad marketing platform, getting leads, establishing brands profile, finding jobs or recruiting new talent. LinkedIn is a wide online social network for professionals and it helps to connect with professionals, students, and employees from all around the world. It enables you to make contacts and communicate with professionals and potential prospects.

Importance of LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a social platform consists of different industries and includes millions of recruiters who hire new talent from LinkedIn. As a recruiter, you can use candidate recommendations to hire a person for a new role. To find talent on a vast network like LinkedIn is not easy you need some tools to scan and find the target talent in your industry. I would recommend some
best LinkedIn Leads Generation Tools

1) LinkedIn Lead Extractor Tool

LinkedIn lead generation tool is very important and trusted because you can generate more leads according to the target audience for your business. LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool helps you to search and extract sales leads and information for you such as name, email ids, social ids, phones, industry type, expertise, etc. This tool lets you automate your leads generation process and save information in Spreadsheets like CSV, EXCEL etc.

2) LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Tool

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool helps to extract highly talented candidate's information from LinkedIn for different job roles. You can search according to your job requirements and after finding best info you can save them in spreadsheets like CSV, Excel from the LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool.

3) LinkedIn Company Extractor Tool

This tool is very helpful for companies who want to generate b2b leads from LinkedIn and it can be very supportive for b2b companies who are in need of boosting business leads and sales. LinkedIn Company Extractor automatically extracts LinkedIn profile link, emails, company size, company type, company address, postcode, employee’s details, and country name etc.

4) LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool Extractor Tool

LinkedIn Sales navigator extractor is the best option to extract information data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn sale navigator. It is the most recommended and easy to use software for B2B leads generation process and to generate quality leads for business development. By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool you can extract Email ids, phone numbers, company details, candidates information and social ids from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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