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Lead generation has never been child’s play and it’s still challenging despite a wide range of sources. However, with increasing digitization, marketers are making use of easier methods like account-based marketing and content marketing, and are attracting leads more than ever. Companies are investing in and relying on the Online Lead Generation.

There are many traditional as well as online methods for getting leads, These are:

  • Content Marketing:-
  • involves sharing online blogs, videos, social media post etc. to attract the customer's attention and create interest in product and services. Those who find the content useful follow you and connect with you as real leads.

  • SEO, SEM, and PPC:-
  • are more commonly used for brand building campaigns and help you structure your online marketing campaigns more effectively.

  • Cross Promotion:-
  • involves promotion of other product(s) targeted to the customers of a related product so that they too have trust in us and can promote us too.

  • Direct Mailing:-
  • Most trusted way of marketing is direct marketing through emails. Lots of leads can be generated with the caution that mails must not be dumped into spam by using targeted email database created solely with the said purpose using Cute Web Email Address Extractor.

  • Social media marketing:-
  • Marketing through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. which are the most visited sites by the customers.

  • LinkedIn:
  • LinkedIn is the best source of professional leads. Companies mainly use third-party tools to extract leads information according to their business needs. These are:

    LinkedIn Lead, Company Extractor, Scraper Tools: Choose one of your choices to extract companies' profiles and leads data from LinkedIn, Company pages, recruiter and Sales Navigator. Choose one of your choices to connect with professional to convert them into leads.

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