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Current revolution in every industry has put health care also in competition and regulations. Healthcare providers are required to maintain records and proof of acceptance during patients visit and maintaining regulatory compliance. This all point to the needs for both operational efficiency and service excellence in the health care call center. A call recording system helps you to record your entire conversation between the concerned parties for security and proof. Our call recording systems are designed to be reliable and record 100% of your calls, both inbound and outbound activity.

A call recorder helps eliminate false claims by patients when providing medical care over the phone. If you frequently relay advice over your phone system, it is important to record all of your conversations to avoid legal situations.

  • Record all Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Monitor Calls Live and Capture PC Screen Activity
  • Increase Sales and Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • On the spot add tagging, rating, and bookmarking
  • Scoring and Grading Calls.
  • Run Custom Reports and Improve Business Operations.
  • Reduce Your Liability and Ensure Regulatory Compliance.
  • Easy Retrieval of Call Recordings and Data
  • Ensured secrecy of recorded data

ASLogger Call Recording solutions helps Healthcare providers by addressing these needs:

  • Increasing satisfaction: You can record patient-doctor conversation for later use in case you are on the move in your hospital or facility. This help improving patient and client satisfaction and retention. You can access patient recordings with ASLogger recorder's unique search features.
  • Liability Protection: To avoid claim for illegal transaction a call recorder can record all the conversation and later be used to verify the claim. ASLogger can help you to locate, retrieve, play back and securely share phone-based information with review boards and others in order to eliminate "he said/she said" disputes and quickly and easily get to the bottom of potential issues before they coil out of control.
  • Increased Revenue: ASLogger call recorder can keep real record of key information exchanged over the phone and quicken their collection times from both insurers and delinquent patients; authoritatively appeal declined or reduced payments and provides evidence to insurance offices in the event of a dispute.
  • Improved Performance: You can make notes for specific calls or extract and export portions of a call for quality monitoring purposes to train or forewarn an employee. This will result improvement in the performance of staff members. For example, in case of a complaint about billing or an appointment schedule, it's easy to find out the reality of the exchange, rather than enduring yet another round of he said/she said. When the staff know they calls are being recorded they would be more vigilant in their duties.

Operating System:

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000